Capturing your imagination (Royal Style)

The artist who designed the theme for royal style rooms was inspired by the by-gone era of splendor, opulence and extravagance.

Hand made bed boards and sumptuous fabrics in vibrant colors adorn the beds and windows.These rooms certainly have luxurious feel about them. All rooms are decorated with taste including all the necessary luxurious services for an unforgettable accommodation and can sleep up to 3 people each.

Balance and tranquility (Japanese Style)

Japanese themed rooms are based on the essence of balance and tranquility for the mind and soul. Bold block colours and rich textures enhance the affect. The artist has distinctively used black and red to represent the rising sun of Japan.

In harmony with the environment (Mirror Style)

The ancient and respected Chinese practice of the placement items and arrangement of space to achieve a harmonious environment has been followed the interior designer of mirror style themed rooms.Mirrors not only reflect light and object in front of them they are also used in some schools of feng shui.Leonardo Da Vinci proclaimed the mirror ‘Master of Painters’.

Other styles

Leopard Style: with bold and unusual leopard print bed covers and swags at the windows.
Versace Style: with tasteful furnishings and accessories in fine colors as well as beautiful renaissance style paintings adorning the walls.
Domino Style: inspired by the domino board game  these rooms have unique hand crafted wooden head boards.
Olive Style: inspiration was taken from the abundance of olives groves on the island and incorporates gentle greens and browns into the overall color scheme.


Features in every room

  • exquisite designers fabric
  • pool view/sea view/land view
  • dressing table with mirror
  • safe deposit box
  • mini fridge
  • direct dial telephone
  • air condition with individual temperature controller
  • double glazed soundproofed windows
  • smoke detectors
  • internet access
  • sat tv
  • hairdryer
  • luxurious bathroom amenities
  • private balcony