Ionis Art Hotel recognizes our environmental responsibility and is committed to improving our performance towards a sustainable future.

To ensure sustainable business practices we have focused on key environmental commitments:

  • Energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, water efficiency, waste reduction, renewable energy and sustainable building operations.
  • Eco-friendly PH Kit / cleaning solutions.
  • Ensure that environmentally friendly initiatives and tactics will positively impact the guest experience.
  • Set targets, measure, benchmark, and continually strive to improve our performance.
  • Liaise with our suppliers and business partners to improve their environmental performance.
  • Support environmental initiatives within the local community.

Providing the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Protection of Caretta – Caretta Loggerhead Sea Turtles

These magnificent, prehistoric sea creatures chose Zakynthos as their reproduction bio-type millions of years ago. The Bay of Laganas forms part of the National Marine Park which was set up to offer protection of the Loggerhead sea turtles known as Caretta-Caretta.

Every year, between June-August, the Caretta-Caretta return to the shores of their birthplace, at night time to lay their own eggs in the warm sand and hope they hatch and the baby turtles reach the sea and survive. Surveillance teams of professionals and volunteers ensure that the eggs are protected, no lights or noise are permitted at night time and this is why night flights are not allowed in Zakythos.
During the day time – the nesting sites on the beaches are protected from wandering tourists by boxed off areas which are regularly patrolled.
The Greek State, other organizations and W.W.F. have the beaches and turtles use under surveillance, and there are special information posts for visitors.